1954: Born on Rømø, Denmark
1972-77: Got a degree in drawing and graphics at the Kunsthåndværkerskolen in Kolding Denmark. 

Since then I have worked as an independent artist. I do commissions in decoration, portrait painting, illustrations, and other areas where you can use a painter to create something.

I am fascinated by the effects of space that the colors can create, and also how they can create depth on a plain surface. The perspective is used to expand the space into the colors. 

I am interested in the endless possibilities figurative painting communicates with. Often I start with an abstract expression of colors in the painting to get the game going. That brings forth various effects which I at all time take into consideration 

The painting and I go into a dialogue, and suddenly there are scenes emerging from the colors and space. New scenes take shape and insist on being fully painted. The painting itself begins to tell something about where we might be heading. Here my need to add the figurative takes over and the recognizable painting effects create a story that can be decoded. 

And like this my painting process and the endless dialogue with the painting go from colors over space and perspective to figurative stories.

You can contact me here.